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                                             Fire Prevention Week 2016


Responsibilities of the Fire Prevention Office

Fire Prevention Office

Responsibilities of the Fire Prevention Office

Office inspect fire extinguishersEnforce Ontario Fire Code

  • involves inspection(s) & interpretation of Code
  • prepare letters and/or inspection report forms to submit to building owners/representatives
  • prepare information or summons if an order is not complied with
  • possible court appearances

Council Appointed Building Inspectors

  • fire safety related only

Building Plans/Site Plans Approvals

  • fire safety related matters only
  • approve fire routes/building access routes
  • fire hydrant locations

Enforce Municipal Bylaws

  • fire related bylaws only
  • Fire Routes #1978-14

Business License Application

  • requested by Clerk's Office to perform initial inspection and follow up
  • prepare letters outlining conditions on applications
  • supply letters of approval on compliance
  • average 100 plus annually

File Searches and Inspection

  • as per Legal Firms requests
  • prepare letters outlining results of file searches or conditions noted from inspection and follow-up inspections

Hotel, Motel and Nursing Home Inspections

  • downloaded to the municipality from the Office of the Fire Marshall
  • completed on annual basis
  • may involve repeat inspections to ensure compliance

Construction/building Site Inspections

  • as requested by contractors, progress inspection, etc.

Answer complaints from tenants, public, etc.

  • involves inspections to verify callers' concerns
  • if complaint/concern valid, letters sent to property owners outlining deficiencies
  • follow-up inspections to ensure compliance

Public Education - School Programs

  • the Great Escape
  • Hazard House
  • TAPP-C program for juvenile fire setters

Seniors' Groups

  • Older & Wiser Program
  • fire safety in the home, escape planning, etc.

Staff Training

  • Nursing homes, homes for the aged, industry, service groups, etc.


  • Maintain Daily Log Book
  • Prepare Quarterly and Annual Reports


Regular inspection programs include

Ask any child what he/she associates with the Fire Department and they will say big red trucks with flashing lights, sirens and air horns speeding down the street. This is just one part of the fire service that protects our community. Preventing fires through fire prevention education is the first line of defense in saving lives and reducing property losses.