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                                             Fire Prevention Week 2016



Fire Protection

In Case of Fire

  • Get out and stay out. NEVER GO BACK INTO A BURNING BUILDING!
  • Crawl near the floor to the nearest exit maintaining contact with the wall.
  • DO NOT OPEN A DOOR IF IT IS HOT TO THE TOUCH! Use second way out to safety.
  • If the door and knob are cool, open the door slowly. Be prepared to close it if smoke and heat rush in.
  • Should you get trapped, put as many closed doors as possible between you and the fire; seal all cracks in doors and windows with towels or bedding.
  • If clothing catches on fire, STOP where you are: DROP gently to the ground and cover your face with your hands and ROLL back and forth to put out the flames.
  • Cool burns in cool running water (under the tap) for 10 to 15 minutes.