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                                             Fire Prevention Week 2016


For Parents & Babysitters

Fire Safety for Parents and Baby Sitters


  1. Never leave children alone if they are unable to care for themselves.
  2. Know your baby sitter. Choose a person who accepts responsibility, likes children and, if possible, lives in the same neighbourhood.
  3. Review these guidelines with your baby sitter. Give written and oral instructions to your baby sitter.
    • Leave the exact address and phone number of where you will be and any special instructions necessary to contact you.
    • Tell the baby sitter when you expect to return home.
    • The complete address of your residence.
    • Where the exits are located.
    • Where the phone is located.
    • How to call the fire department, police or a doctor in an emergency.
    • Supply a name, address and phone number of a neighbour to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  4. Provide your baby sitter with a flashlight in case of a power failure.

Baby Sitters

  1. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE, your first responsibility is the safety of the children.
  2. If you smell smoke or gas, take the children immediately to a safe location outside the building.
  3. Never waste time dressing the children - a blanket will do, even in cold weather.
  4. Never go back into a burning building for any reason. Smoke and gas are dangerous, even from a very small fire.
  5. Have a neighbour call the fire department.