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#7 Emergency Marine Response Unit

Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

#7 Emergency Marine Response Unit

Emergency Marine Response Unit

The Owen Sound waterfront is an ideal destination for local residents and visitors alike to enjoy water-based activities. The city's harbour attracts pleasure craft, large commercial ships and, at times, cruise ships, too!

With this marine activity has come a need to have trained personnel to deal with water-related emergencies, including water rescue and ice rescue. The Owen Sound Fire Department has met this need with a trained team to respond to these types of emergencies.

Rescue and recovery operations make up the bulk of responses to which the team is called.

Water Rescue

For land-based water rescues, life rings, rope, poles and personal floatation devices are used in rescue operations. For boat rescue operations, a Rigid Hull Inflatable is employed. The rescue team has both rapid rescue response and SAR training. The crew consists of a coxswain and two crewmen.
The Zodiac is used for rescues, as well.

Ice Rescue

Ice RescueThe characteristics of ice rescue:

  • Shore assisted
  • Platform based
  • Go/Contact Rescues
  • Marsars boards-sled, shuttle and related rescue equipment
  • Ice Commander suits
  • Training and certification